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How to protect your iPhone from scratches

It is hard to imagine a person without a mobile phone in today's world. These devices have been invented not so long ago, but has already evolved from rather costly bulky boxes with an impressive weight and length of antenna to an inexpensive and compact device for communication. And what now? The latest flagship mobile phones are now a tiny stereo and TV with bright and colorful screen, decent camera and a notebook, a navigator and a "window to the world" through Internet resources. Needless to say that characteristics of modern smartphones are comparable to parameters of a powerful computer. Now, a smartphone is not just a compact device for communication, the mobile phone has integrated and keeps on integrating all the technical innovations, becoming a kind of indicator of technological development of the society. And not only technological. Modern mobile phones are beautiful and elegant, they attract with high quality, beautiful materials and shapes, varied colors and decorative items.

Today there are countless manufacturers offering tens of thousands of mobile phones models. And yet, there are firms that define fashion trends and constantly expanding our understanding of mobile devices capabilities. Who has not yet heard about the iPhone or iPad? Perhaps in today's world, almost everyone, more or less versed in technical innovations, is familiar with this device. Stylish design, status and broad opportunities in different spheres – these are the factors Apple products are associated with in today's mobile world. And no wonder that people of different professions and beliefs, different age and social status are among iPhone loyal fans. And therefore, firmly holding the leading position, these products has long ceased to be a sign of VIP-status, becoming more accessible and popular devices. Having bought the long-awaited iPhone - not just a toy, but a device, which should be at hand, people often realize that this is not enough.

But what about the cables and adapters, you might say. Any driver will ask about a holder or other accessories, which enable to fix iPhone securely in a car. We also need covers and cases, desktop and car holders of the most beyond belief designs to impress our friends and loved ones! We also think about screen protection and purchase a reliable protective screen film. Do you recognize these feelings? Often, buying the latest smartphone, we forget about accessories for the iPhone. Moreover, we often get frustrated due to a scratch or a scuff on the screen or body, because of the purchase of armor for a device was postponed for later. And finally we recognize the importance of a holder or a case for a smartphone. So, do not repeat such a mistake, think about your mobile device protection at the moment of purchase. Interesting covers and cases will not only protect it, but make your cellphone unique - one of a kind. The issue of smartphne protection is especially relevant to people adhering to active lifestyle. In this case a holder is an accessory you will really need as it helps to secure your beloved iPhone on a bike's handle bar and enjoy riding.

D.Tokareva for Keizus iphone holder seller.

Need a Galaxy S5 Case? Check these babies out.

Need a Galaxy S5 Case? Check these babies out.

Galaxy s5 cases

Covers and Cases are used to shield different type of cell phones. These Cases are made of diverse kind of materials dependent on the phone for which it is intending to be applied. Most common materials are leather and silicon as leather cases/covers are for top quality devices and silicon cases are cheaper ones. Cases also come in numerous sorts of color such as white, blue, black, red etc. Always select the mobile case with same design in which your smart phone has. An inappropriate case puts a bad impact on some others when you take your cellular phone or smart phone out of your pocket or purse. Here is a list of the best Galaxy S5 so far

1. Fosmon Case for Galaxy S5
After investing heavily with your Galaxy S5, you will understand it deserves all the best protection it may get. The case is made of durable and light-weight material. Fosmon is designed rich in quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which ensures protection of real professional and resilient durability. With this case you'll have comfort knowing that your device is in top condition. It assists to guard against smears, dirt, drops, scratches, and bumps. There is no limitation to accessing the ports and enjoying popular features of your phone together with the case on.

2. Galaxy S5 TPU Case
This sleek and thin Galaxy S5 case offers protection against scratch without increasing bulkiness. It is made of durable polycarbonate plastic high quality and is also lightweight. The case will not limit one to accessing front buttons and slide out keyboard. It permits full access to touch screen. There's a precision cutout for microphone, speakerphone, controls, ports, and camera. This premium Crystal image case is the perfect way to guard your cell phone. It gives you protection against dents, chips, and unnecessary scratch. No skills or tools needed to install it, all you need to do is basically snap it on for the new elegant appearance.

3. TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
Not just does TPU Rubber Gel Case offer your Smartphone protection it provides it with an exceptional look. Your phone is certain to get the safety it requires from scratches and bumps. The case is simple to use it as well as to remove it. The design stands out your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone from others. Additionally, the cover provides full access to all buttons and ports. It is easy to hold on to your phone, because of the textured gripper case. It is made with an ultra-low profile design that creates the case not to restrict any buttons or the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone.

For the best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases, please visit :

How to build apps with

How to build apps with

How to build apps with

Building apps as a mobile app developer is an interesting and challenging job that cannot be done by just anybody. App developers are relying on their skills to bring the most fun and exciting apps any smart phone owner can use. The best apps will prove to be very useful in your day to day life, and you can learn how build apps by yourself with a little help.

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QR and Mobile Phone Marketing

QR and Mobile marketing

QR and Mobile Phone Marketing

The new marketer’s tool on the block is QR codes. For those who are not familiar yet with what they are, it's a logo-type shape of small squares. When scanned by a mobile phone app designed for reading QR codes, these small squares convey the encrypted message. These are very similar to bar codes on products that you scan at supermarket laser readers telling the customers the price and what the product is.

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App Promotion Service

Best Review App - App promotion Services

App Promotion Services

Let's face it app promotion is important these days. With the often harsh competition over hot app ideas it is important to come out on the top with your app. This can be difficult and challenging in marketplaces like Google Play or the App Store for iOS that are now saturated with apps and app ideas. You, as a developer, need to differentiate yourself and gain traction among the masses of people that download apps every day. One easy way of doing this is via BestAppReview. Now some are skeptical of this but we can tell you from studies conducted that buyers often glance at how many reviews an app has and make a selection based off of that. Consumers make quick decisions like that everyday while downloading apps and you need to prepare your app for this. So, if you are a developer and need a thorough review of your app then all you need is

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Perfect Office Space for Web Designers

Office cubicles for web designers

Perfect Office Space for Web Designers

Web designing is a creative process but also an analytical one. With this, it is important that web designers are given creative but analytical spaces where their creativity are encouraged to flow and they can fully express themselves in the design they create but which also gives room for their analytical side to flourish.

These days, an open plan office is being adapted by most companies. However, it is not completely ideal for web designers.

An Open Plan office type typically does not contain cubicles. This is usually good for newbies but may not be the best solution in the long run for seasoned web designers. Open plan offices are prone to lesser privacy (in fact almost none!) and can be subject to a lot of noise hence reducing the web designer’s ability to concentrate and focus. However, when fostering team work and camaraderie, this is the perfect office plan. Newbies can benefit the most because they will be exposed to other designers, preferably more seasoned, and absorb the veteran designers’ knowledge. To eliminate or reduce the noise and lack of privacy, installment of a few dividers to create a resemblance of office cubicles, even if just partial in nature would help a lot.

Web designers would benefit from the interaction provided by open space plans as these can help them in their creativity but they can also be hampered by the noise and lack of privacy it presents as they would lose the concentration they need. As such, they would also benefit from office cubicles because of the privacy it provides but when it comes to interaction for creative ideas, they can be severely hampered.

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Lunatik promo code explores a world for online customers by giving 20% off

Lunatik promo code 20% off

Lunatik promo code explores a world for online customers by giving 20% off
The lunatic is a company that offers durability and also high quality iPad and iPhone cases. The cases are very useful for covering electronics gadgets. The company provides various discount coupons for the iPhone and iPad users and they can avail classy cases with these discount coupons.

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Ruffee Brings Dog Lovers Together

Rufee - Mobile Dog Friend App

Ruffee Brings Dog Lovers Together

If you are interested in connecting with other dog lovers in your area, Ruffee is an excellent mobile app for you! If you are a dog owner, it would be nice to meet up with other dog lovers so that you can make new friends while running with your dog. Meeting other people in your community who are passionate about their dogs can lead you open to many new friend connections.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With A Proper Domain Name

How to drive traffic with a proper domain name

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With A Proper Domain Name

There are many internet website owners who start out on the internet having high expectations of a great website which will be able to bring them a thriving business and that they will be soon on the top of the search engine rankings. After some time these people soon realize that gaining a reputable status online it isn't that easy. Here are some aspects as how you will be able to drive more traffic with a proper Domain Name Search:

1. What domain name should I use? While going in for your Domain Name Search, you must use a name which will be short and also easy to remember. You should also ensure that the domain name is relevant to your website or brand.

2. If all the domain registrars are the same then what should I look for? The task of a registrar is to register your domain name for you. However, on a closer analysis not all registrars are the same. You will come across many who will charge you 10 times more to register a domain name compared to the others. You should however give due importance to the benefits that your domain name registrar provides. This is because there will be many who will be able to offer you with greater flexibly. They will also give you full control over your domain name.

3. How long should I register my domain name for? There are many website owners who register their domain name for only one year. It’s because they are still testing out the World Wide Web. However, the length of your ebusiness’s domain name registration might have a bearing on the search engine results. If your domain name expires soon, it will also affect the trust people have in you. A lot of competition is brewing on the Internet and if you want to keep up with the competition, it will become necessary for you to stay ahead of your competitors. On looking up the history of your website, if a potential buyer comes to know that your site is registered for one year then it may be possible that they may not have as much confidence in you than if you ad it registered for 5 or 10 years.

You will need to undertake constant work on the website so that you will be able to see the benefits as your website becomes more popular and rise in the search engine results. Don't allow all of this hard work to slip away just because you forgot to renew you domain name. These are some of the factors which you need to consider when going in for your Domain Name Search as well as registration in order to build a great website to reach the top of the search engines. Remember it's all in the name! That is how people know you on the internet.


Staying Clear of Google Penguin in 2014

Rewind SEO - Google Penguin

Image Source:

Staying Clear of Google Penguin in 2014

Back on Oct 4 of 2013, Matt Cutts, Google's top webspam engineer, announced the launching what became known as "Penguin 2.1," Google's newest algo update. As of 2014, this is the still the latest major Google penalty update and one that every webmaster and SEO should be very aware of. That said, there have been some much smaller shakeups and minor updates (which seem more like small tweaks to Penguin). Essentially, Penguin 2.1, also known as Penguin 5, increased the power of the prior Penguin updates and focuses on any sites with backlinks from low quality, non-relevant, or "questionable" sources. If you have already been hit by a Google penalty you will first need a detailed SEO analysis and link disavow, then possibly link removal work from a reliable penalty recovery company like Rewind SEO. This penalty analysis and cleanup will always be the first step before getting back to content creation and link building for SEO. Regardless of whether or not your site has been penalized, it is essential to understand these three basic guidelines for Penguin-safe SEO in 2014 and beyond:  

1. Market Noteworthy Content to Internet Media Outlets

No doubt you've heard it before but if you can produce great or noteworthy content, online media sources would like to cover it. However, the resources of these media organizations and news sources are limited. More often than not, they aren't going to find you so you have to approach them. Consequently, not all outstanding content pieces get cited or mentioned where they should. Online PR methods can expose your content to a wider audience for media outlets for your market audience. "Earned media" as this is called, does require exceptional or noteworthy content pieces. When done correctly with quality and moderation, media campaigns can lead to hundreds--even thousands--of quality organic signals. Over and over, Post Penguin 2.1 SEO demonstrates how a single media citation can drive hundreds of syndicated mentions and thousands of new prospects and social shares. This does not mean spamming $5 'SEO' press releases. It does require putting money and time into your content to make sure it is well done and distributed in the right places but a good media campaign will have excellent ROI.

2. Create Niche-Targeted Content for a Particular Audience

Although Google has stated this for years, it wasn't always true. In short, what this means is get links from relevant websites or barring that, at least contextual links in relevant content. This is more important now than ever before. In the past, Google was not nearly as effective at distinguishing relevant content from non-relevant or trash content and sites. Penguin 2.1 and then Hummingbird further strengthened Google's emphases on relevancy in linking sources, both from contextual content and entire sites. Get links from relevant sites with great content to future-proof your SEO. These types of links and content also naturally create exposure in search results that are shared by people interested in your website. Search exposure occurs normally, if content is interesting and relevant to both individuals and sites. The Penguin 2.1 upgrade particularly targets sites which are have little or no links from relevant sites.

3. Produce Sophisticated and Useful Content

Sophisticated and useful content is much more than entry level articles or posts. In a sense, this could be called 'content of utility' meaning it's a significant resource that people will want to link to because it has helped them. This often comes as problem-solving and may also be an eBook, infographic, whitepaper or manual. Search Engine Optimization in 2014 should be seen as creating contributions. Give people something useful and they will be glad to link to you. This again is not a new idea, but it is more true now than ever before. Sophisticated content that is impactful and well researched is a linkworthy advantage. People will naturally share and mention it, assuming that it really is of value. In the long term, making linkable content will grow links organically and develop a healthy and diverse link profile. And again, this will all improve conversions, referral traffic, social buzz, email lists, and leads, not even considering the SEO value. The above three points are nothing new or revolutionary. They can be summed up in 3 phrases: social engagement, relevance, and quality. Not only for your content but in where your content is placed as well. Placement is more important than content itself but requires great content. Keep these three principles throughout your SEO and your link profile will be immune from Google penalties.  



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