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Engineering Roles in the Telecommunications Industry

Engineering Roles in the Telecommunications Industry

A student or working professional in the field of telecommunications engineering has one of the most exciting roles to play in the future of our world. Over the past few years the Telecommunications Industry has had a tremendous upswing. The advances in data speeds coupled with devices such as smartphones have led to users experiencing mobile bliss. If you go back ten years in time, all you could do with a phone was make or receive calls and get some data for emails or picture messaging. Today, on your phone, you can catch up with friends over Facebook, share your photos over Instagram or watch movies over Netflix from anywhere in the world! Just pause for a second and think how much engineering effort must have gone to make those things happen.

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Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is becoming a major part of the internet. With this in mind, more and more companies are turning to social media every year. They can see the power inherent in it, the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, developing relationships with influential personalities, and drastically increase their annual profits. The problem, as many companies are quickly realizing, is that effectively using social media is harder than they thought. Far too many people are making the same mistakes.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Computer Technician

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Computer Technician

Searching for a quality computer technician who can fix your computer is easy, especially when there are many technicians out there offering their services. But with so many options, how do you choose the best? By asking yourself these top questions, you can easily filter and sort out your choices to ensure that you find a certified computer specialist and avoid fly by night technicians.

1. Know the Qualifications and Credentials

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4 types of machine translation

4 Types of machine language
4 types of machine translation
If you own a business, you may have wondered about using machine translation to publish fast in foreign languages you do not understand. You know how important writing relevant content is and much time it takes. You may want to use regular blogging about your area of expertise to rank your web and business and in order to do so, you can order good content to be written for your blog. For instance, a well-written article with relevant keywords with around 1,000 words published regularly will help search engines to detect your site as a source of relevant content and drive traffic to it.

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How Social Media Can Help or Hurt Your Chances of Getting Hired

3 ways social can help or hurt your job search..

How Social Media Can Help or Hurt your Chances of Getting Hired

If you are like most people, the powerful grip of social media has managed to find you. Whether a casual user or an acknowledged addict, your social media presence may have more of an effect on your life than you know. This is especially true for those looking for a job. Believe it or not, your social media profiles and interactions can help or hurt your chances of getting hired by a company.

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Trends in Mobile Marketing 2014

THe social firm - Trends in mobile marketing 2014

Trends in Mobile Marketing: Responsive Content

Mobile marketing, which was once an emerging channel, is now an established part of every digital marketing strategy. Each year, experts predict that this will be the ‘year of mobile marketing,’ but it is becoming truer all the time. Business executives and marketing gurus from every industry agree that companies should be seeking to leverage the following mobile marketing trends in the coming months:

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Website Design Trends for 2014

Every day, new websites appear in the vast, never-ending realm of the Internet, and others change, evolving to better suit the wants and needs of consumers and better benefit the website owners. Website design will always be a critical and ever-evolving art. Website designers who are good at their craft, don't just follow the latest design trends; they know how to incorporate the design smartly so that the finished site is the perfect combination of style and substance.

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Ultimate Home Office Set Up

The ultimate home office would be a haven of peace and quiet, fitted with all the latest technology and filled with enough inspiration to keep you doing your best work, however long you spend at your desk.

Your home office needs to be a place where you can find enough peace and privacy to do your work. It should therefore be set up in a separate room, away from the main living areas in your house, if possible. You should take some time planning the layout of your room to make sure that it will feel spacious and comfortable. You will probably want to place your desk so that it faces the door and where your computer screen will not be affected by any glare from the windows. You should organize the rest of your furniture around your desk, making sure that any cabinets and cupboards are easily accessible.

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5 Amazing Photography Magazines You Need to Know

Photo credit:

Are you a photo-fanatic? Is your Facebook flooded with pictures of your friends and family, where you went on vacation, and even the meal you had for dinner 20 minutes ago? Like most people nowadays, thanks to the help of handy little photo apps like Instagram, everyone finds themselves to be a grade-A photographer.

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Best Noise cancelling headphones 2014

Why we need the noise cancelling headphones?

Whenever you go outside, there is so much external noise that if you are listening something through your headphone you cannot hear it properly. People always used to hit the volume when they are being disturbed by the external noise which is not a good solution. It may damage your ear drums or may also affect your hearing. So instead of increasing up the volume, you can use various noise cancelling headphones to get rid of the unwanted external noise.

These noise cancelling headphones preserve the original sound while removing the unwanted external noise. They reduce the external noise to the minimum so that you can listen clearly whatever you want even at low volume whether it is music, movies, calls, podcasts or audio books. You can also use them just to enjoy the silence. So investing on a good noise cancelling headphone not only saves your ears, but also it provides you a good listening environment. You can wear it anywhere, anytime where you go whether you are driving, jogging, walking or lying.

What are the types of the noise cancelling headphones?

The noise cancelling headphones appears in two types: namely passive and active noise cancellation headphones. The passive voice cancelling headphones are covered up with some sound absorbing material like foam, etc. to block the sound waves. While in active noise cancelling headphones special sound waves are produced that mimics the incoming external sound waves and blocks them.

Popular Noise cancelling headphones for 2014:

There are various styles of headphones which include in ear headphones and on ear or over ear headphones. You can select any one from the wide variety of headphones, which are available in the market according to your need. Here is the list of the top rated noise cancelling headphones for 2014.

  • Bose Quiet Comfort 15:

Boss quiet comfort 15 over ear headphone has an impressive sound quality. It offers an active noise cancellation feature, airplane adaptor, Apple friendly inline remote control, microphone cable and allows hand free conversations for it.

  • AKG 391 NC ear buds:

AKG 391 NC comes up with the powerful base and works in both active and passive modes. It offers a microphone and inline remote control. It recharges through a USB.

  • Bose Quiet Comfort 3:

Boss quiet comfort 3 over ear headphone is the smaller version of Boss quite comfort 15. They are very comfortable to wear. They are active noise cancelling headphones and offer 6 power plugs with AC adaptor and two rechargeable batteries.

  • Harman Kardon NC:

Harman Kardan NC over ear headphone offers stylish fold flat design with a carrying case. It comes up with active noise cancellation feature and provides inline remote control and microphone for Apple products. It also has rechargeable battery.

  • Wireless Beats Over Ear Headphone:

Wireless Beats Over ear headphones are the excellent active noise cancellation headphones with powerful sound quality. It comes up with a rechargeable battery which provides you the 20 hour battery life and two detachable cables in which one has inline remote control.

These headphones block the outside noise and change your way of listening sounds whether it is some music or other audio. You can enjoy any sound to its fullest.


Usual Programmer Recruiting Mistakes - Test programmers before you hire

Usual Programmer Recruiting Mistakes

Recruiting a programmer can be difficult. How do you know where to start? How can you be sure that they will perform in their position? How do you spot the people who are faking their skills and perhaps even outsourcing their work to someone else? These are all valid concerns for anyone who needs to hire a programmer, whether for a position at their company or for one-time projects. Here’s a list of common mistakes recruiters and hiring professionals make and how you can avoid them:

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How to protect your iPhone from scratches

It is hard to imagine a person without a mobile phone in today's world. These devices have been invented not so long ago, but has already evolved from rather costly bulky boxes with an impressive weight and length of antenna to an inexpensive and compact device for communication. And what now? The latest flagship mobile phones are now a tiny stereo and TV with bright and colorful screen, decent camera and a notebook, a navigator and a "window to the world" through Internet resources. Needless to say that characteristics of modern smartphones are comparable to parameters of a powerful computer. Now, a smartphone is not just a compact device for communication, the mobile phone has integrated and keeps on integrating all the technical innovations, becoming a kind of indicator of technological development of the society. And not only technological. Modern mobile phones are beautiful and elegant, they attract with high quality, beautiful materials and shapes, varied colors and decorative items.

Today there are countless manufacturers offering tens of thousands of mobile phones models. And yet, there are firms that define fashion trends and constantly expanding our understanding of mobile devices capabilities. Who has not yet heard about the iPhone or iPad? Perhaps in today's world, almost everyone, more or less versed in technical innovations, is familiar with this device. Stylish design, status and broad opportunities in different spheres – these are the factors Apple products are associated with in today's mobile world. And no wonder that people of different professions and beliefs, different age and social status are among iPhone loyal fans. And therefore, firmly holding the leading position, these products has long ceased to be a sign of VIP-status, becoming more accessible and popular devices. Having bought the long-awaited iPhone - not just a toy, but a device, which should be at hand, people often realize that this is not enough.

But what about the cables and adapters, you might say. Any driver will ask about a holder or other accessories, which enable to fix iPhone securely in a car. We also need covers and cases, desktop and car holders of the most beyond belief designs to impress our friends and loved ones! We also think about screen protection and purchase a reliable protective screen film. Do you recognize these feelings? Often, buying the latest smartphone, we forget about accessories for the iPhone. Moreover, we often get frustrated due to a scratch or a scuff on the screen or body, because of the purchase of armor for a device was postponed for later. And finally we recognize the importance of a holder or a case for a smartphone. So, do not repeat such a mistake, think about your mobile device protection at the moment of purchase. Interesting covers and cases will not only protect it, but make your cellphone unique - one of a kind. The issue of smartphne protection is especially relevant to people adhering to active lifestyle. In this case a holder is an accessory you will really need as it helps to secure your beloved iPhone on a bike's handle bar and enjoy riding.

D.Tokareva for Keizus iphone holder seller.

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