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Eagle International Tents
Crown City Estate Sales
Toty Hair
Bama Huskies

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Robert W.Hughey
Christopher Hradil
Carrie Strimel

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How it works

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Criteria for creating a social brand page

  • Must have a website and at least 2 social profiles
    -Business listings MUST have an address, email, phone on business website
  • NO SPAM mlm, adult, pharma, get rich quick, pure affiliate sites, gambling or anything we deem to be "spammy".
  • All submissions are HUMAN REVIEWED
  • Money Back Guarantee - We'll refund 100% of your money if your listing is not approved.
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Benefits of creating a page

6 reasons to create a page in our social directory: Create Brand Page Now

  1. Brand SEO Create Brand Page Now
    Have you ever searched your brand name in Google or the other search engines? Try it. Most likely you will find a plethora of 3rd party sites that you do not own or control that use your brand name. One way to control "squatters" is to establish your own 3rd party social profiles such as on Facebook, Twitter and Because we optimize your page on our site, it will naturally rank well for your brand name and help you dominate the search results for your own brand name.

  2. Reputation Management Create Brand Page Now
    Online reputation management has become an increasingly important aspect of conducting business online. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of "bad" review sites that do not give company owners any control or recourse. This has lead to numerous cases of "fake" reviews both good and bad. By having a listing on, and LINKING TO IT, you will help establish an authoritative reference page to your business and social activity which will help you control your online reputation.

  3. New Followers Create Brand Page Now
    Not everyone in the world uses all the prime social networks and consequentially may not find all your social updates and activities. This is where social profiles comes in. We aggregate all of your recent social updates onto one search engine friendly page. Now, people will be able to see ALL of your social updates in one place without having to be members of yet another social network.

  4. In-Bound Marketing (Back links) Create Brand Page Now
    Back links are a very important way for search engines and people to find you. When you create a listing in our directory, we add links to your website, your social profiles and to the individual "updates" you make.

  5. Increase Domain Authority Create Brand Page Now
    Domain authority is a concept established by In short, it is the number of domains linking to interior pages within your site. Because we link not only to your social profiles but your blog RSS feed if you have one, having a listing will help increase your domain authority.

  6. Increase your social network authority Create Brand Page Now
    By having a social brand page on, you not only increase domain authority for your website, but also your social profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Boost your social marketing

We BOOST your page by promoting it to over 16,000 followers! Create Brand Page Now
Once your page is created on, we promote your page to over 16,000 followers in our network of social profiles. This will result in Google and the other search engines quickly finding and indexing your page which helps you with your brand SEO, online reputation management and in-bound marketing. If you would like to see where your page will be promoted, follow these links:

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Guarantee and Refund Policy Create Brand Page Now
To eliminate spam, we require a fee to HUMAN review your submission, but offer a FREE TRIAL of 30 days. If you listing is rejected for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money guaranteed. However, if we have accepted your submission, created a page and promoted it in our network, and your 30 days trial has ended, we cannot refund your money as the work has already been completed. You can however ask to have your page removed if you desire. You may also cancel your subscription via PayPal at any time.

Questions? Call Michael at 917.435.0662 M-F 9-5 EST. Create Brand Page Now

Payments and Guarantee

Official PayPal Seal All paid submissions come with a 100% money back guarantee. If your listing is NOT approved we will refund your money guaranteed.
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